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The Teamsters Canada Condition of Women is dedicated to promoting the interests of its members, and to unifying the female members of the various local unions in Canada through a provincial network. Its mandate is to encourage women to get involved in social and union activities; to find strength in the diversity of our culture, race, and age to advance and strengthen our organization in the community, and in the labour movement and to foster the opportunity for Teamsters women to participate and serve at all levels of our structure.

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Comité d'actions féministes Teamsters Québec

Depuis 1995, le Caucus condition féminine Teamsters Québec, maintenant appelé Comité d'actions féministes Teamsters Québec, rassemble des femmes de coeur et d’actions qui s’investissent dans leur milieu de travail, dans leur famille et dans la communauté afin de protéger notre bien commun et améliorer la qualité de vie de tous et de toutes. Nous offrons des conférences et de la formation pour nos membres et nous organisons des collectes de fonds pour des causes qui nous tiennent à cœur.

Les Teamsters ne tolèrent pas la violence faite aux femmes

Nous, Teamsters, ne pouvons tolérer la violence faite aux femmes. Ce n’est pas un problème qui commence et se termine avec un couple; il nous concerne tous et toutes.

Comité Exécutif

Nathaly Guillemette


Teamsters Canada
400-1750, Maurice-Gauvin
Laval (QC) H7S 1Z5
Tél. : 450 682-5521
Télécopie : 450 681-2244

Valérie Roy


Section locale 1999
100 - 9393, rue Edison
Montréal (QC) H1J 1T4
Tél. : 514 355-1110
Télécopie : 514 493-7661

Diane Bessette


Section locale 931
200 - 12100 rue Urgel-Charbonneau
Montréal (QC) H1B 5X1
Tél. : 514-645-2500
Télécopie : 514-645-1915

Sylvie Duval


Section locale 106
12100, Urgel-Charbonneau
Montréal (QC) H1B 5X1
Tél. : 514 645-9016
Télécopie : 514 640-5595

Sylvie Reed


Section locale 1999
100 - 9393, rue Edison
Montréal (QC) H1J 1T4
Tél. : 514 355-1110
Télécopie : 514 493-7661

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Teamsters Ontario Women's Caucus

Top-left to bottom-right : Yolande Lewis, Denise Thompson, Lenna Phenix, Lavinia Demello, Manju Jaswall, Helen Mark, Wendy Henry

As Teamsters, the Women’s Caucus can serve as an added benefit of service to the Locals in Ontario, and to promote the name of our great Teamsters Union. To the members, the TOWC has the ability to provide the resources to connect, network and provide assistance. It is a unique gateway to unite and encourage the Ontario Women of our Union to get involved in social and community based projects and it will form a solid base for women to get more involved in their Union.


The Teamsters Ontario Women’s Caucus is dedicated to promoting the interests of its members and generally to improve their economic and social well being. The main purpose of the Caucus is to unify women members of the different Ontario Teamsters Local Unions, through a provincial network.

Women represent a substantial percentage of the Teamsters Union membership in Ontario and they are a powerful resource for the Union. The Caucus believes that active participation of women members in the Ontario Teamsters Union will enhance our Union’s strength at the bargaining table, in organizing campaigns and in the political arena.

To that effect, the objectives of the Caucus shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To unite women for the purpose of promoting economic, cultural, civic, legislative, political, social and union activities, and/or other activities directly or indirectly, further the interests of the Caucus;

  • To uphold the principals of the Ontario Teamsters Union and to foster the opportunity for Teamsters women to serve in leadership positions at all levels of the Union structure;

  • To achieve, through a close association, a stronger bond of solidarity and understanding among the representatives of our Union bodies;

  • To advance and strengthen our Union organization in the community and in the labour movement;

  • To assist and/or join other organizations having purposes and objectives similar to those of the Caucus;

  • To engage in community activities which will advance the interests of the Caucus.


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It is recognized that the problems which the Caucus is accustomed to deal with are not limited to unionism or to organizing and collective bargaining alone, but encompass a broad spectrum of economic, social and political objectives, as set forth above and as the Caucus may determine from time to time. We, therefore, determine and assert that the participation of the Caucus, individually and with other organizations, in pursuit and attainment of the objectives set forth herein, is for the sole benefit of our members of the Ontario Teamsters Union.

Teamsters Women’s Conference

Teamsters Women's Conference Puerto Rico 2024

This year’s Teamsters Women’s Conference will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico from June 23 to 26, 2024.


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Women’s Conference Webinars 2020

Follow this link to view all webinars we have provided to date, including our latest one on COVID-19. They have been pre-recorded for you to watch or listen to at your leisure. The Women’s Conference will continue to produce webinars, so keep and eye out for future topics and feel free to share with others.

Les Conférences des femmes Teamsters depuis 2018