Teamsters, Local 31, Canadian Springs, and Van-Kam Freightways Supply Bottled Water to Evacuees and...

BC Firefighters, Firefighters worldwide, and the Canadian Armed Forces are battling to extinguish wildfires in British Columbia that are causing mass devastation. To support the courageous people protecting our province, the Teamsters, Local Union...

Teamsters Union Donates $40,000 for Wildfire Relief in British Columbia

Teamsters Canada and Teamsters Joint Council 36 have made a $40,000 contribution to the Canadian Red Cross in response to the ravaging wildfires in British Columbia. "There is a disaster in BC, and Teamsters Canada...

Statement on Vaccine Mandate for Air, Rail, and Marine Transportation Workers

The president of Teamsters Canada, François Laporte, made the following statement on the Trudeau Government’s decision to make vaccination mandatory for air, rail and marine transportation workers...

Amazon Workers, You Are Not Alone

They are some of the hardest working people out there, at one of the most demanding companies in the world. They sacrifice so much of their time, health and wellbeing so that their employer can turn a profit.

President Laporte’s Statement on Lytton

In a ministerial order, Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra has ordered on Friday that Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) trains to cease operations for 48 hours in areas of British Columbia hit by a recent spate of wildfires, including one that wiped out an entire town and killed two people, the transport ministry said in a statement.
From left to right, Stan Hennessy, François Laporte and Craig McInnes.

Laporte, Hennessy, and McInnes to Serve Five More Years

Laporte, McInnes, and Hennessy will serve Teamster members for another five-year mandate, ending in 2027.

Teamsters Canada at the IBT Convention

Watch the Teamsters Canada segment from 30th Teamsters International Convention here (20 minutes).

Hoffa Speech and Tribute Video at IBT Convention

Jim Hoffa has been a great friend to Teamsters Canada and workers in Canada. This will be his last convention. You can watch his speech, as well as his tribute video, here.

Let’s Talk About Elder Abuse

June 15 is Elder Abuse Awareness Day. It’s an opportunity to recall just how badly COVID-19 hit our elders.

New work contract at Veolia Industrial Cleaning

Laval, June 1, 2021 – A new work contract was voted on at noon today by the workers at Veolia Industrial Cleaning. It was a mail-in vote since the company’s locations are all over...