Making it Mandatory

In September 2015, Teamsters Canada launched a national social media campaign called Make It Mandatory to convince Parliament to make mental health awareness and support mandatory in the workplace.

Intervention Guide on Unionism

Course Duration: approximately 1½ hours It is a course that includes a questionnaire on unionism intended for people who are required to give presentations of the Teamsters' Union and the labour movement to young people in schools.

Protecting our Health and Safety

Course Duration: 2 days This course is designed for members, shop stewards, and health and safety representatives working in federally regulated workplaces.

A Major Victory for Injured Truck Drivers

Teamsters Local Union 31 recently won an important victory for injured workers, especially truck drivers.

Teamsters oppose random testing in the trucking industry

Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio said he believes that truck drivers should be required to undergo random testing for cannabis. The Teamsters Union opposes this possible measure not only because it would violate workers’ right to privacy, but also, because a positive test result does not necessarily prove that the person is intoxicated.

Workplace Accident: Investigate to Prevent

Course Duration: 2 days This course empowers participants to prevent work related, accidents and injuries and near-misses in the workplace.

Union Leadership: A Strong Union

Course Duration: 2 days This course is designed for members, shop stewards, business agents and officers.

Teamsters remember Lac-Mégantic

Seven years ago today, a terrible tragedy occurred in Lac-Mégantic. A train with 72 tank cars carrying 7.7 million litres of oil derailed and destroyed the downtown core of this small town in the Eastern Townships, killing 47 people.

Teamster Leaders in U.S., Canada Laud Their Respective NAFTA Negotiators

General President Jim Hoffa and Teamsters Canada President François Laporte applaud the decision by the U.S. Trade Representative to fix the NAFTA cross-border trucking provision.

Work Related Injuries and Illnesses: Supporting our Members

Course Duration: 1 day This course is designed for shop stewards, health and safety representatives, and business agents who work under provincial or federal jurisdiction.