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Trudeau-Trump Summit: Protecting Workers Above All

Teamsters Canada is praising the Canadian Government on meeting with the Trump administration, and hopeful that both countries will continue working together to build on the current mutually beneficial trade relationship. “Millions of workers owe their jobs to the free flow of goods between Canada and the United States,” stated François Laporte, the President of Teamsters Canada...

Dismay at Transcontinental Plant in Québec City

Most of these workers aren't just losing their jobs. They’re losing their trade.

Running to make a difference

Stéphane Morin and Patrice St-Onge take part in the Montreal Marathon to help build solidarity across Canada. It was a crisp, sunny morning this past September 25. The mood was festive as thousands of...

A Letter from Rob Beairsto

They never asked for money but when we gave there was always some vehicle or wheelchair repair or an outstanding bill that we happened to be just in time to pay. I certainly have not had an in depth conversation with Mary about her means but I am not blind. I know that every penny, borrowed or owned, went towards Jim’s illness, bills and mortgage.

Teamsters Canada is Star Exhibitor at Quebec Immigration Fair

For the first time ever, Quebec’s Immigration Fair is playing host to the Teamsters Union.

Teamsters Demand Reinstatement of a Haitian Worker Unfairly Dismissed from a Heineken Plant

The Teamsters Union is worried about the culture of fear being instilled in the BRANA plant in Haiti.

Sale of Rona to Lowe’s is Raising Concerns

Managers at Lowe's need to know that we'll be very vigilant regarding the 2,000 Teamster jobs at Rona, warns Serge Bérubé.

Toronto-Area Organizing Blitz

About 70 workers at three companies joined the Teamsters in just under two weeks.

Our Annual Report for 2015

Communicating often and openly with our members is one of our top priorities. That’s why members across Canada are about to receive a report on our activities in 2015. Watch François Laporte, the President of Teamsters Canada, explain what it’s all about.

Teamsters Welcome New Labour Minister

The Teamsters Union, which represents over 115,000 workers across the country, is congratulating Patricia Hajdu on her appointment as minister of Labour. Ms. Hajdu is taking over from MaryAnn Mihychuk. “We’re hoping to meet with Ms. Hajdu as soon as possible in order to continue the constructive dialogue we established with the outgoing minister,” explained Francois Laporte, the President of Teamsters Canada.