Mental Health

Costs associated with mental illness in Canada reach $51 billion a year, with one in five Canadians experiencing some type of mental health issue in their lifetime. Sadly, 75% of Canadians do not feel supported enough to discuss the problems they are facing.

Mandatory Episode 6: Impact

Mental health issues can affect every aspect of a person’s life, including their ability to work. Imagine trying to do your job while dealing with fatigue, physical pain, lack of interest, concentration problems. Add...

Mandatory Episode 3: Early Intervention

For a young person, the world can feel a bit daunting. Life is changing, transitions are happening and lessons are being learned. They are leaving home for the first time, entering post-secondary and starting their...

Mental health: Making a difference

For years, Teamsters Canada has actively promoted education and awareness about mental health.

Brother Ken Deptuck Wins Award from Employee Assistance Professionals

Laval - Teamsters Canada lobbyist and national advisor Brother Ken Deptuck on Monday received the Ross Von Weigand Labour Award. The award recognizes Brother Deptuk’s work in establishing employee assistance programs at Canadian Pacific and Canadian National. It also highlights his efforts to promote mental health support and awareness in the workplace.

Mandatory Episode 1: Role of the Government

The numbers don’t lie – Canada is facing a mental health crisis and it is affecting every aspect our society, including our workplaces and our youth. This is troubling, as young people represent our future...

Make Mental Health In The Workplace A Mandatory Requirement!

Local Union 362 initiative aims to bring together public figures, policy makers and politicians to tackle this issue and create a solution.

Youth of Teamsters Canada Launch Mental Health Campaign

Today, we are launching a national campaign to raise awareness and to make mental health support mandatory in workplaces across Canada.

Mental Health and the Railway

“Having a hand in someone’s death, and the everlasting effects that come with it, is the last thing on your mind when you go to work in the morning,” said John, a conductor who...

We Will Never Forget

Four years ago today, tragedy struck our sisters and brothers at G4S. While performing a routine cash service at the University of Alberta’s HUB Mall, Travis Baumgartner fatally shot three of his coworkers, Eddie...

A Resolution on Mental Health

This week, we’re attending the 28th convention of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) in Toronto. The CLC is an umbrella group for Canada’s unions, and their affiliates represent over 3.3 million workers. We’ll be putting...