On September 28, GoBolt ruthlessly fired over 20 delivery drivers after they voted to join Teamsters Local Union 938. The union and company were in the middle of collective bargaining when it happened.

With its fleet of electric trucks, GoBolt paints itself as a progressive and environmentally-friendly last-mile delivery company. But behind this facade, the company is a hard-line union-busting operation. Their drivers are underpaid and overworked, and many of their senior managers hail from Amazon, a notoriously anti-worker company.

The Teamsters have always stood by values of justice, solidarity, and fairness. More importantly, we are fighters who are not deterred by companies like GoBolt. Teamsters Local Union 938 is actively pursuing every legal avenue to reinstate the drivers and secure a collective agreement.

This fight isn’t just about reinstating jobs. It’s about preserving the sanctity of collective bargaining, respecting our rights as Canadian workers, and dignity in the workplace.

To the drivers at GoBolt: Over 125,000 Teamster members support you. We see you, stand by you, and will fight alongside you. We commend your spirit and everything you have done to pressure GoBolt and fight injustice. You are not alone in this.

To GoBolt CEO Mark Ang and his corporate cronies: It’s not too late to do the right thing. Reinstate your drivers and return to the negotiating table. It’s high time you acknowledge the dedication and service of the workers who have been integral to your success.

We urge all our members, supporters, and allies to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers at GoBolt. Stay informed, raise awareness, and lend your voice to the cause. Follow the struggle on X at @goboltdrivers and on Instagram at @goboltdriversunion.

United, we will prevail.

In Solidarity,

François Laporte
President of Teamsters Canada
Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters