August 18, 2020

Sisters, brothers, 

Your negotiating committee met August 10 through August 14 in Ottawa. We were assisted by a mediator appointed by the federal government as referenced in our last update. 

We are disappointed to report that we have not made the progress we had hoped to make by this stage of the talks. We are still dealing with the contract language issues that are at the heart of this set of negotiations and have not been able to start negotiating the financial package. 

As we have been unable to secure an offer at this time, it is the decision of the negotiating committee to take a strike vote to make clear to the company the seriousness and commitment of the negotiating committee and our membership. 

Taking a strike vote is a serious step, but it does not mean a strike is imminent. A work stoppage would remain our last resort. 

We need UPS to take our demands seriously and agree to a fair contract for our members. Their success has been built on your loyalty, your sacrifice, and your hard work. You have proven yourselves all throughout this pandemic. It is time for UPS to recognize everything you put into this company, share its success with its employees and improve your work life. 

The strike vote will be carried out at union meetings organized by each local across the country. Your local will advise you of the time and date of your meeting shortly. An overview of the negotiations will be presented at the meeting. 

This process will be one of the most important parts of your working life. Be sure to attend and vote. 

The negotiating committee has scheduled seven more consecutive days of talks from September 13 to September 20. 

Future updates will continue to be posted in the workplace and on over the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local union

Although we live in unique and challenging times, solidarity will guarantee a good contract in 2020. 


Richard Eichel, Director, Parcel Division, Teamsters Canada 
François Laporte, President, Teamsters Canada