Toronto – Appalled with the poor services offered by their current union, the CSN, correctional officers in federal institutions across the country are changing their union allegiance.

A group of correctional officers from several institutions have taken matters into their own hands and are promoting the Teamsters Union to their colleagues.

 “The Teamsters Union is a pan-Canadian union represented in every major city from coast to coast,” said Ken Dean, campaign coordinator in the Toronto office of Teamsters Canada. “Correctional officers are currently paying high union dues and they do not know exactly how their money is being spent since no services are available. A union shouldn’t be a profit organization!”

Members of the future Teamsters Canada Correctional Officers Union (TCCOU) will finally have the opportunity to democratically elect the members of their own Executive Committee. In addition, training, federal lobbying, communications and legal services will be available at all times.

“The correctional officers are the most qualified persons to fulfill their own needs,” added Dean. “However, we will help them set up their union and respond to the legitimate needs of their members across the country.”

The Teamsters Union has 125 000 members in Canada and 1.4 million in North America, of which over 20 000 work in public services.

A website has been created to provide correctional officers with additional information about the advantages of joining the Teamsters Union:

For information, please contact :
Stéphane Lacroix – 514-609-5101
Ken Dean – 905-678-6652