The latest concession package between Teamsters Canada and Air Canada Jazz was ratified.

The final count of the vote was 614 to accept and 231 to refuse.

The Teamsters was ordered by the court to conduct and expedited vote, with the time given many members did not have the opportunity to vote. However, if the Teamsters had been allowed to proceed with the ratification votes as they had originally organized, the vote would have been the same.

On July 9th the Teamsters convinced the court to allow an extension to the voting process. A phone in vote was organized to assure that all members had the opportunity to cast their vote.

All Business Agents of Teamsters Canada Airline Division would like to thank the members in executing their constitutional right and taking the time to cast their vote.

Also, we would like to thank those of our members who came out to assist in phoning and informing heir co-workers of the times and dates of the extended vote.