Mental Health

Mental health issues can have a huge effect on every aspect of a person’s life, including their workplace. Although some workplaces have some mental health support, there is still stigma associated with opening up about mental health issues.

For young people, these issues can sometimes be amplified as they are entering post-secondary or the workforce for the first time and becoming independent.

The statistics don’t lie. The cost of mental illness in Canada each year is $51 billion, with one in five Canadians experiencing a mental health issue in their lives.

The problem is clear, but the solution is ignored.

TCYC_horses_CMYK_bilingThere has been silence surrounding mental health in the past but the youth of Teamsters Canada hopes to help transform this with a social campaign for change.

It is time to speak up, make noise and affect positive change.

With this initiative we want to raise awareness about mental health stigma in the workplace, educate people on what youth mental illness looks like in Canada and let them know they are not alone. We are aiming to bring together public figures, policy makers and politicians. Our goal is to make mental health support mandatory in every workplace, creating a healthier and safer workforce.

In the spirit of solidarity, we need your help. If we make enough noise, they will have to listen. If we stand together, we can inspire change.

“Everyone benefits when we build up healthier, more inclusive workplaces. That’s why mental health awareness and support should be mandatory.”
– François Laporte President of Teamsters Canada