What it Means to be a Teamster

As a Teamster, you are part of a network of workers united to negotiate good wages, safe working conditions, and fairness in workplaces all across Canada.

Every Teamster works under a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that ensures labour laws are respected and that your rights and work benefits are protected. We take powerful actions in the workplace that help build solidarity and ensure fairness for all of our members.

Member Perks

How to Get Involved

Your Local Union

Local Unions are the heart of our organization. This is where members come to share ideas on how to improve their workplaces and communities. As a Teamster, you have fair representation from your Steward, Union Representative and all the workers that support and empower you.

Your Union Representatives are based in your region. They represent thousands of members from various industries, and they inform and connect with their membership with the help of your Stewards.

Contact Your Local Union