Hurricane Matthew: A Call to Action from François Laporte

To date, Hurricane Matthew has taken a major death toll in Haiti (the exact numbers were not known at the time this was written) and the situation looks dire for this island and many neighboring countries of the Greater Antilles. François Laporte, President of Teamsters Canada, is appealing to Canadians to come to the aid of the victims of this natural disaster by making donations to the Canadian Red Cross.

Running to make a difference

Stéphane Morin and Patrice St-Onge take part in the Montreal Marathon to help build solidarity across Canada. It was a crisp, sunny morning this past September 25. The mood was festive as thousands of marathoners gathered on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge for the great annual Montreal endurance event. Stéphane Morin, a…

CN Conductors – Negotiations Update #4

On Tuesday, 30 August 2016 we resumed negotiations with the CN Rail with the assistance of the three Federal Conciliators, after a short period of not meeting and have been bargaining for the past 3 weeks straight. We have been working towards a process to synchronize the expiration of our…

Locomotive Voice and Video Recorders: a Sword of Damocles

Officers of the Teamsters Union have reacted strongly to some of the conclusions revealed yesterday by the Transportation Safety Board with respect to locomotive voice and video recorders. The Teamsters took part in the study and represents almost all workers who operate the trains throughout the country.