Lockout at Hôtel Le Président: Meeting Called by Conciliator

The Teamsters and management of the Hôtel Le Président have been called to a meeting with the conciliator from the provincial Ministry of Labour tomorrow. Workers at Hôtel Le Président are seeking a substantial wage increase to catch up with their brothers and sisters at other hotels in the region.

Nice Attack

Today, our sadness is only surpassed by our solidarity with the French people. Yesterday’s attack was as terrible as it was unbelievable. As the representative of Canada’s over 120 000 Teamsters, I would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the French people. I have no doubt in my heart…

Strike Action at Résidences Soleil’s Manoir Sainte-Julie

The Teamsters are committed to ensuring residents’ well-being by maintaining all services. Workers overwhelmingly rejected their employer’s proposals and are set to go on strike tomorrow morning at Manoir Sainte-Julie, one of the seniors’ residences in the Résidences Soleil network owned by billionaire, Eddy Savoie.

Strike Imminent at Résidences Soleil in Sainte-Julie

Contract negotiations at Résidences Soleil in Sainte-Julie, Québec have stalled. Barring a last-minute agreement, workers will strike on July 14th. During the strike, the Teamsters Union is committed to ensuring the entirety of services in order to guarantee the well-being and safety of the seniors under their care.