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Q: What is a union?
A union allows all workers to have a voice in the workplace. It helps ensure access to a fair and safe working environment. By protecting your rights and working conditions, unions allow you to have better jobs and a more comfortable lifestyle.

Q: Why do I pay union dues?
We are a non-profit organization. Your membership dues (tax deductible) allow Teamsters Canada to support and defend you and our over 125,000 other members.

Q: How can Teamsters Canada help me and my family?
Teamsters Canada believes in supporting and helping our members beyond the workplace. We know our members face challenging issues that can’t be ignored – financial struggles, family emergencies, accidents, illness, etc. Teamsters Canada can help with all matters that impact your work status.

We have many resources to support our members through difficult times and to help them reach their goals. Your steward, your Union representative and Teamsters Canada can help you.

Some initiatives offered by the Teamsters:

  • Scholarship funds to help our members and their families.
  • Fundraising for worthwhile causes.
  • Community involvement and events.
  • Access to organizations that help people in need.
  • Educational resources and training.

Q: How can I join Teamsters Canada?
Teamsters Canada represents several industries and, depending on where you live, there’s likely a local union close by that can help. Visit our Local Union locator and find your closest local union. You will be put in touch with a Union Representative or organizer who can help you become a union member.

Q: My co-workers are considering strike action. What is the next step?
Going on strike is a collective measure voted on by the group; it demonstrates your group’s solidarity facing your employer’s demands.

This is not an easy task, but your co-workers and Union Representatives are there to support you during this time. If you believe a strike is likely in your workplace, it is important to know your options and rights. See your steward or Union Representative. Teamsters Canada has a strike fund that will support you.

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