Local Union 31 Limousine Drivers at Aerocar Service Ratify First Collective Agreement

New Aerocar Service Teamsters at a union meeting with Local Union 31 Director of Organizing Ben Hennessy and Business Rep. Caley Fieldhouse


On Monday, May 7, sixty-five Vancouver International Airport based limousine Drivers employed at Aerocar Service Ltd., Highend Limousine Ltd., 0935143 B.C. Ltd, and 632,226 B.C. Ltd. voted unanimously in favor of ratifying their first collective agreement.

The bargaining committee endured many employer obstacles, including unfair labour practices, but in true Teamsters fashion, Local Union 31 stayed the course and gained more support from our brothers as time carried on.

Business Representative Caley Fieldhouse chaired the negotiations, while Director of Organizing Ben Hennessy co-chaired and Brothers Azhar Bashir and Hichem Abida were the driver representatives at the table with the union.

“Our union dedicated itself evening and weekends building strength for our new Teamsters at Aerocar Service,” stated Local President Stan Hennessy. “It’s no coincidence that this hard work paid off with a first limousine collective agreement in Canada.”

The first of its kind collective agreement contains increased driver revenue, seniority (including seniority on all new highend cars or SUVs purchased by the company), security language including no unauthorized deductions, wait time rates, and improvements to general working conditions.

“Mediation was an excellent avenue for bargaining,” informed Business Representative, Caley Fieldhouse. “Clearly the parties weren’t on the same page at the table.”

However, mediation broke down and the Teamsters gave 72 hour strike notice to the company. A day later, on Tuesday afternoon, a collective agreement was finalized.

Our new members proudly pin the Teamster button to their suit lapel as a reminder of the struggle and adversity in organizing and negotiating a first agreement, but most importantly, they wear it because of the optimism the future will bring as members of the greatest union.

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If you’re in the Vancouver area and want to organize your workplace, you can also reach out directly to Ben Hennessy, Director of Organizing for Local Union 31, at 604-527-2722 or bhennessy@teamsters31.ca

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